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Basic knowledge of SIM card

◆A SIM card is an IC card that contains phone numbers and other information, and is necessary for making phone calls and using the Internet.

◆Since the size of the SIM card that can be used differs depending on the smartphone terminal, you need a SIM card that suits your smartphone.

◆In the case of a smartphone of a major mobile phone company, the condition that only its own SIM card is available is called "SIM lock" and the condition that the lock is unlocked is called "SIM free".

◆By using a cheap SIM card with a SIM free smartphone, you can reduce the communication cost and supplement the amount exceeding the monthly communication limit. Also, there is an advantage that you can use the SIM card of the travel destination when you travel abroad.

◆You need to purchase a SIM card, set it in your smartphone, and configure APN settings (Initial Setup) to start the communication service.

◆APN settings are different for iOS and Android, so follow the instructions attached to the SIM card you purchased.

(Note)Setting the SIM Card to Speed Wifi Next W04 of Pocket Wi-Fi.

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