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How to set up the profile for Speed Wi-Fi Next W04

Things to check with Speed ​​wi-fi Next W04 before entering settings.

  • Confirm your name (login ID) and password 

Click the information on the display, the SSID information will be displayed. Make a note of it.

Name (Login ID):



  • Click the < arrow at the top of the display and click information ⇒ device information

Make a note of the IMEI number in the seventh column from the top


1. Insert the SIM card into the W04 router

At this point, you are still out of range and cannot connect to the network.

2. Connect to W04 Wi-Fi from your computer or smartphone

In order to make SIM available in W04, it is necessary to configure it.
First, connect to W04 Wi-Fi.
Be sure to select SSID (Name) of W04 to connect.

Note that other networks cannot connect to W04.
After pressing the network connection button, access the following URL to make settings.

(It is still not connected to the Internet, but the PC and W04 are connected.)

3.Set up the W04 settings

You will be prompted to log in, so please enter your ID and password.
ID: admin
Password: last 5 digits of IMEI number
The last 5 digits of the W04 IMEI that you noted earlier.
Once logged in, click Profile Settings from the Settings tab.


① Click Settings
② Click Profile Settings
When the screen changes, the following screen will appear. Press the "New" button to create a new profile.


After pressing the New button, set the APN as follows.
Profile Name: Softbank (※ Optional)
APN (Access Point Name): plus.4g
User name: plus
Password: 4g
Authentication Type: CHAP
IP Type: IPv4 & IPv6
When the setting is completed, press the Save button to finish the setting on the PC.


Next, configure the router.

A new "Softbank" profile has been added, so select it.

4. Profile settings on the router
5.Change Router to High Speed Plus Area Mode

Change the mode from "Communication mode setting" of the router to High Speed Plus area mode and the setting is completed.
High speed mode is out of range.
Since the high-speed mode is a WiMAX line, the SoftBank line is used.
Prepaid SIM card cannot communicate unless it is in High Speed Area Plus on W04 router.
The Internet connection is now complete.

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