Short term: SoftBank Voice and Data SIM Card

Exceptional number and service for unlimited call (Additional paid service)

*Outgoing fee for paid service : such as number starting from 0180(Tele dome)、0570(Navigation dial)etc.

Outgoing fee for Tele dome

Navigation dial(paid service assistance

◆Directly assistance(104)

Charge for use:200 yen/1 guide


◆SMS sending

Domestic(3 yen/message)   ◇Overseas(100 yen/message)

  • 1 time 3~30 yen, depend on number of letters.(Number of letters for sending at one time is depend on the device and applications.)



Android:available(not all kind of devices),  IOS:unavailable

※Additional fee will occur in use of registering charged site.  e.g.:Netflix、applications, games.

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